Music lessons and ensembles in Montrose, CO for kids from 2-99. We offer ensembles, classes, and private lessons on nearly every instrument. It's not too early or too late to start learning this wonderful art form!


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Our students take precedence!

Why study music?


It’s a question everyone should ask. Music opens possibilities to learn that are not emphasized in other studies. Creativity, advanced problem solving, extended concentration, and considered self-expression are requirements for the study and performance of music.


Methods and fancy websites do not make better musicians, great teachers do!


Every teacher at Precedence is fully dedicated to each student's success. No method will cover every student's needs. Great Teachers make the difference.


Teachers at Precedence work not only the core concepts of music, but skills that translate to every other aspect of life. We believe in the intangible value that music holds in all our lives.


The teachers at Precedence are some of the most highly educated and experienced musicians and instructors in the area. Masters degrees, conservatory education, proven professional reputations, and performance in the most demanding concert halls around the world are requirements for teaching at Precedence Music Academy.

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