Classes 2020-2021: All classes and bands are on hold during Covid. Bands will be starting very soon, though!

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We always have something in the works. Classes for kids 2-100! There is always some way music can enrich a life. From our Group Harp Ensembles, choirs and bands, to Tot-Rock and "Are you Afraid of Classical Music?" Also, we're always trying to add more classes and cultural events to our line-up, so if you have an idea we'd love to hear it!

Precedence Children's Chorale

On Hold for a While

The chorale will accept children ages Kindergarten through 8th grade. Each session will run for 6 weeks with a concert on the final day. Kids will not only sing, but use theatrical skills, and instrumental ensembles in performance. Music folder, scores and a t-shirt will be provided. Cost: $75 per child/session (that's only $6.25 an hour, holy cannoli!) Returning members pay only $60, contact Candice for your returning member code!!

Candice 970-765-5733

Just a note

Some classes are based on enrollment. If we have enough attendees we will begin the course without delay. Otherwise we will postpone the course until minimum enrollment has been met.