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This class is specially designed for 2-5 year old musicians.

Unlike most toddler music classes, Tot-Rock teaches our four Basic Concepts through delightful and engaging games. Most activities are based on successful Music Therapy research and practices, although some are just meant to be fun!

Designed by our teachers to prepare students for success not only in music, but cognitive growth and speech development, each class offers something new. Give your budding musician a perfect head-start in life with activities designed just for them!

Specifically, Tot-Rock classes introduce and build the following skills:

•Stimulation of auditory and visual cortex through melody recognition

•Gross motor function

•Following directions

•Memory and concept correlation

•Identifying the beat of music


•Creative thinking


•Meaningful application of abstract ideas

•Neurologic/frontal cortex/executive function training

•Successful group participation


We meet every Friday throughout Summer at 10am!

Each class can be drop-in but not drop-off. Parents are required!

Drop-in rate of $7 per class

or for a discount:

A 4 class punch pass for $20